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I blog about the Israeli-Arab conflict, and expose secrets of the national security state.

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Articles by Richard Silverstein
BREAKING: Israeli Gag Order Protects Judge Who Lost Libel Suit Against Haaretz
Taub Nomination for Top Foreign Ministry Job Fails (for now) After Accusations of Pederasty
Breaking: Israel’s Ex-Ambassador to UK Accused of Sexual Liaisons With Minors
U.S. Customs Regulations: All Settlement Products to Be Labeled “Made in West Bank”
Israeli State Implicated in Criminal Acts Against Human Rights Lawyer
Israeli, Palestinian Activists Freed, Police Investigation Collapses
Likud Central Committee Members Steal Palestinian Homes, Expel Owners
Former Education Ministry Official Praises Bernadotte Assassination, Says Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom Will Share Same Fate
Grim Settler Farce Continues: Israeli Court Frees B’Tselem Prisoner, Police Then Transfer Him to Military Prison
BREAKING: Israeli Police Falsely Allege Murder Conspiracy by Human Rights NGOs, Activists
Denmark, Switzerland Seize Mirgrants Valuables on Entering Their Countries