A new weapon used to kill Palestinians of Syria

Palestinian Association for Human Rights/Syria Twitter: @PAHRsyria Yarmouk Camp – Damascus 16th January 2014 Aircrafts belonging to the Syrian regime bombarded the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk Camp, 8 K.M south of Damascus, with TNT-filled barrel bombs resulting in the death of at least five confirmed residents of the besieged neighborhood according to our on-ground activists at the Palestinian Association for Human Rights based in Syria. Activists on the group indicated that the aircraft as resembling a helicopter. The attack destroyed one apartment block and severely damaged those around it. It is plausible that survivors, or the bodies of more casualties, might still be found beneath the rubble. While casualties are estimated to be in the tens, there are no mean to provide them with the necessary and urgent medical care their injuries would necessitate due to the ongoing blockade, in addition to the the severe lack of medical supplies still available in the camp. Documented victims are: 1-Mohammad Al Far (Abou Zoher) 2-Husam Abo Ahmad 3-Mohammad Tafori 4-Mohammad Suhaib Al Qides 5-Ala’a Fri’j The numbers of casualties is expected to rise due to the severity and prevalence of injuries. Following the attack, a demonstration comprised of local residents headed to a regime-held checkpoint at the entrance of the camp. Before reached Rejah square, 200 meters short of the entrance, a sniper from the check point began firing at the crowd which resulted in another round of injuries and the death of resident: 1-Mohammad Taha Attached are links to footage filmed by activists showing the massive destruction. It also shows medical workers attempts to save the life of injured residents.